A Land Where Nobody Has Discovered!

Chapter 1 Imaginary Lands

“A bit to the left,” instructed Lola.“Okay! Now a bit to the right.” “Nice model of an imaginary land,” said the art teacher, Mrs Tutuma. “Thanks,” replied Olivia glumly, everyone in her class had to do a speech about their imaginary land on Monday next week, and today was Thursday.

Back in the cafeteria, where the students were buying their lunch, Olivia sat by herself in the back corner. A group of girls who were, Abbey, Jenna and Tiffany came along and knocked over her lunch tray on purpose, which had lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes in it, splattered on the white well-polished floor. She normally got really angry with them, but this time she just cleaned the mess and the girls stared at her, not believing it. “What’s wrong?” Asked Ms Katena gently, the cafeteria helper. “Nothing,” replied Olivia.

In class she was quiet, she didn’t even put her hand up on any question, Olivia normally answered most of the questions Miss Ann gave out. And in writing time, she has just ruled a margin and wrote the date at the top and wrote the topic Miss Ann gave out, ‘Why is imagining good?’. Miss Ann came to her and said, “I know you don’t like public speaking, but I will help you, if I can.”

Chapter 2 Poppy Has Wrecked It!

It was Saturday, the sun was shining and Olivia’s mom was supposed to take her and her friends to a pet center where she could buy a dog, cat or a horse home but the reports came out a bit too early and she had a project assignment so she couldn’t go.

“I promise I’ll finish my task at the center or tomorrow,”whined Olivia. Her mom looked down at her and sighed, “oh, alright, but start packing.” Ring Ring Ring! Olivia was too busy telling her friends on the phone that it wasn’t cancelled.

On the campervan Olivia started to work on her task. Vroom vroom buuueuuuuum! “What happened Ms Kim?” Asked Poppy, her face was very worried. “Don’t worry,” said Ms Kim “the fuel just ran out. There’s some in the back.”

An hour later they stopped at a small campsite for some food breaks. “These carrots are totally delicious,” exclaimed Katy, munching on some.

Back on the road Olivia’s friends helped her finish her project of an imaginary land, Puppy Land! Now her thoughts were on the palm cards which she should be able to buy at the news agency. “No, Olivia,” said her mother “no palm cards, the pets are already stressing me out, we might not even buy one.”

Olivia hated it when her mom told Miss Ann to send the reports home early.

“I’m doomed!” Said Olivia. “Why? Asked Rebecca curiously, she was always asking questions and that’s how she had almost made friends with everyone in the school! “I wish I was kind like Rebecca,” whispered Olivia to her favorite doll, Olive, who was named after the shop keeper because he kept on calling it Olive at the counter. Or as popular as Nicola, or as helpful as Coco, hmmm, or maybe as funny as Roxy, ohhhh, or as good Poppy, who has never wrecked anything, or even like Lola, not shy at all. Or maybe like Katy who is not sensitive and I am. Why can’t I be good like them? why am I not as good as anyone? Why am I so shy? And why do I only have a few friends to stand on my side? Olivia thought.

“We’re nearly there and don’t make a mess in back.” reminded Ms Kim, peering at the back, which was covered with glue pouring out, three not closed drink bottles, six pieces of cake spluttered on the floor with icing leaking everywhere and worse of all Olivia’s Puppy Land’s puppy dogs have fallen. That’s when Olivia found out her dogs have been scatted everywhere. One has fallen into some mud made from Poppy’s red, shiny, new sneakers. “My puppies are gone!” She cried, searching under the table, then back of the sofa, then… Poppy bumped onto the table and the Olivia’s imaginary land has fallen off. CRASH! “I didn’t mean to make you cry Olivia,” she said quickly because she knew her friend well. This was the first time Olivia has seen Poppy wreck something. “I have never seen you wreck something,” Olivia said softly. “Well everybody wrecks things, Olivia,” said her friend. Olivia hugged Poppy so tightly that her red glasses almost fell of.
“Where here,” Ms Kim said and opened the back door. “But first tidy this up.” She doesn’t have a stern look. She had a different look and Olivia knew this look well. Don’t argue.

Chapter 3 Wrecked!

Finally the girls finished tidying the room up.

WOOF! WOOF! MIOW! MIOOOW! YAP! YAP! YAP! NIEGH! “There all so cute,” whispered Katy who has just woke up from sleeping and her eyelids were still very heavy. “Hmm, i’m not sure if I want an animal in the house,” said Ms Kim uncertainly. “Don’t worry Ms Kim,” reassured Coco “i’m sure you would love it!”

While the girls were still choosing Olivia’s puppy or kitten Ms Kim decided to park the campervan in the campervan cubical. “Yep, okay mom,” said Olivia. She didn’t like her mom that much, but she still liked her when she buys her Lobkin’s, which is different types of animals that people can collect. Olivia hugged her mom.

But then her mind filled with her speech she couldn’t pay attention to the animals, she was to worried, she needs to fix her project.

At the end mom had already picked two puppies, one cat and two kittens. The first puppy was creamed coloured and she has picked the name, Cream. The second puppy was chocolate coloured and Poppy named it Dreams. The mother cat was named Shadow because she was black and had scary yellow eyes. While on the other hand the first kitten was fully white and very very fuzzy so Katy called it Fuzz-Buzz. And the last little kitty was gold at the body and yellow-red-orange for the head, it’s name was Mixture.

“It’s really adorable,” cooed Olivia in the campavan. When Ms Kim took a beautiful white bowl for Cream, then a brown and white polka dotted bowl for Dreams, for Fuzz-Buzz’s bowl was a shiny fuzzy bowl with small doodles of cats eating. Mixture’s bowl was a mixture of different colours, Shadow’s bowl was boring black, but said her name on it, Shadow. As they took turns pouring the water and food into their bowls, Olivia started working on her task, not till when Poppy came over and helped her hot glue gun kennels on.

Once Olivia’s task was done Poppy pulled out a small red cup with a lid on it out of her red and white polka dotted over night bag, and started scooping up all the puppies into the cup making sure she hasn’t dropped any.

Chapter 4 Crash!

Back at school Lola did a land about her. Coco did a lolly land. Poppy did poppy land which the houses were poppies. Roxy did upside down land. It was really funny, Nicola did royal land and Rebecca did mouse land. Katy did lobkin land. Then Olivia stepped on the small wobbly stage…and CRASH! She fell down. Her Puppy Land was ruined. “Oh no!” Olivia cried. Miss Ann strode over to look at what has happened. “Oh dear,” she said. But then a small smile crept up her face. “Everyone makes mistakes my dear.” Her long, white skirt shimmered as she patted Olivia’s back. Her bracelets went JINGLE JINGLE. Riiiiiiiinnnng. “That’s the bell everyone,” Ms Ann called. All the students grabbed their backpacks and rushed out the door. Only Olivia walked out glumly. “Olivia! Wait!” Miss Ann shouted after her. Olivia stopped walking and turned around.

“Olivia, everyone makes mistakes every second, because ever second we say or move, we are making a mistake,” her teacher explained. “Because of that, we learn from all our experience of tragedy and make it strategy, but this was my fault, I knew the stage was wobbly, but I really wanted you to have a go, but, no, I didn’t succeed, I am sorry.” Olivia held back her tears. She walked out the door. Miss Ann looked out the window.

Chapter 5 ANZAC Biscuits! YUM!

“I’m home mum,” Olivia said glumly. “How was school?” Ms Kim asked. “Terrible,” Olivia replied, holding back fresh tears. “Oh dear,” said her mom. “Come and sit down on the sofa and i’ll make some biscuits and tea.” Olivia went upstairs into her room, slid into her home clothes, which was a white singlet, a wooly pink jumper and a pair of jeans. She walked back down the stairs, turned on the television and jumped on the sofa with a big humph. Her mum walked in, carrying ANZAC BISCUITS! “Yum,” said Olivia. Her mother smiled and put the plate of scrumptious biscuits on the coffee table. But before she could reach out to one, her mother said, “drink some rose tea, it will help calm those angry fire balls.” Olivia drank some tea, did her homework, washed her new pets, fed them and ate dinner, with her stinky little brother, Jamie and finally, got to eat those yummy ANZAC biscuits. “Let your brother have one too,” said her mom, giving her a ‘don’t argue’ glare. She handed Jamie the smallest biscuit she could find. “Don’t just give me the smallest biscuit,” Jamie said, reaching for another. Olivia quickly covered it up. But his arm was thin enough to fit through. And he got the largest cookie! Olivia’s heart bounced up and down with anger, “that was my biscuit!” She screamed. Her mom came rushing in. “What’s the matter?” She asked. “Stinky Jamie stole my biscuit, and it was the biggest,” replied Olivia. “Oh, Olivia, it’s good to share, i’ll bake some more tomorrow for school, if you give your brother that biscuit.” “And don’t call me names,” added Jamie, crunching on some crust. He’s crust, thought Olivia, angrily.

Chapter 6 New Girl?

“Time to get up!” Shouted Olivia’s mother from down stairs. “She’s a lazy bone,” said her brother to his mother, she laughed. Today was when a new girl or boy was coming to her class! She couldn’t wait.

Olivia got out of bed, got dressed into a rainbow t-shirt, a purple coat, a pair of black leggings, a pink skirt, a pair of purple gloves and a brown, patched scarf. Then she stomped down stairs in her black and purple boots, took a caramel biscuit and dipped it in her squishy, melty egg. “Hurry up and eat,” said her mother, a mouth full of icing. “Jamie’s already gone to school!” “What!?” Cried Olivia in dismay. She spitted out some egg sauce along with some crumbs. She grabbed a few caramel cookies, her lettuce sandwich with extra tuna, her pencil case, homework and hat, she stuffed them into her backpack. “Don’t forget to brush that hair!” Called her mother before she left. Olivia rushed to the bathroom, took out a brush from the cupboard and brushed her hair. “Plait your hair!” Said her mom. Olivia didn’t hear her, she was too busy running out the door.

Olivia checked her watch. It was already 5 till 9! She has to get to class before 9:00. Right now to still had the shopping mall to cross until she reached Smith Street and John Avenue and then she crosses the children crossing to Lin Road, and that is her school is located.

Chapter 7 Where Is Everyone?

Riiiiiiiiiing! That was the bell. Anyone could here that from the distance. “I made it!” Shouted Olivia. It was 9:10. But no one was in the hallway. She peered into her classroom, no one was there. She peered into more classrooms, no one was inside. She walked up the stairs, to the principal’s office, peered through, no one was there. Where is everyone? She wondered.

Chapter 8 On an excursion?

“Back home so quickly?” Asked Ms Kim. “Did you forget something?” “No,” replied Olivia. “No one was at school.” “No one!” Repeated her mother, shocked. Diiiiiiing. She was ringing the schools principal, Mrs Tuxedo. “Oh, and Jamie wasn’t at school either,” added Olivia. “Oh dear, I hope his okay,” said her mother. Even though Olivia didn’t like her little annoying brother, which she sometimes calls him bothers, she still was a little alarmed. Don’t worry, she thought, everything will be okay.
“Mrs Tuxedo isn’t answering the phone!” Olivia’s mother said, she was a bit alarmed. “I know,” perked up Olivia. “ Maybe we could go to school and see what’s going on.” “Um, okay, it is worth a try,” said her mom.

“Hmmm, I see, there IS no one here,” said Ms Kim.“Hi,” said a small, shy voice. Olivia and her mom turned around, and in that back corner stood a girl, about as big as Olivia, with wavy blond hair. She had big blue eyes and long eyelashes. “Hi, who are you?” Asked Olivia. “My name is Alison, and I was supposed to be in 3A, Miss Ann’s class, but she’s off on an excursion, so is the rest of the school,”explained Alison shyly. “On an excursion!” Repeated Ms Kim. “Why didn’t Jamie tell me!” “No wonder he left early,” exclaimed Olivia. “Alison, do you know were they are going and when there going to come back?” Asked Ms Kim. “I think there going to China and they are going to stay there at least 2-4 weeks,” said Alison. “No way!” Exclaimed Ms Kim.

Chapter 9 Forgot To Introduce Themselves

“Um, mom we forgot to introduce ourselves to Alison,” whispered Olivia. “Oh right,” said Ms Kim. “My name is Veronica Jessica Kim, and this is Olivia Judy Kim.” “Hi Alison, my favorite food is spaghetti Bolognese, what’s yours?” “My favorite food is also spaghetti Bolognese too,” replied Alison. “What’s your favorite colour? Mine’s aqua, purple and yellow.” “Really? Me too!” Exclaimed Olivia. “Do you like dressing up?” “Yes!” Replied Alison. “Me too!” Said Olivia. “I have a annoying little brother who’s in year 2, Mrs Murphey’s class,” said Alison. “What’s his name?” Asked Olivia. “James,” she replied. “I have a little brother who is also in Mrs Murphey’s class in year 2, and his name is Jamie,” said Olivia. “Cool, there very similar,” commented Alison. “Well, have fun at school all by yourselves girls,” said Ms Kim, as she walked away.

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