Meet the author

Hey! My name is Jolina and I’m living in Australia. Ever since I was little I loved to read and write and so my family and I decided to start this blog to share my works with people all over the world! To others, writing may seem like a couple of words on a Google Docs Document but to me, it’s expressing myself and letting my imagination flow on a page.

I find it important to read out loud as there are many children in this harsh society that cannot see words on a page. They are so strong to keep their heads up all this time. But reading something can be a bit of a struggle so if I read out loud, it may be able to help them in many different ways.

My pieces of writing may not be the best now but as time goes on, I’m sure I’ll make my stories much MUCH better and more enjoyable for everyone to read. (Please do not copy any of my works for any purpose because that’s plagiarismĀ thanks) ?