Alison the detective

Alison Lee was a odd girl in Sixth Grade. She had brunette hair and bright green eyes. She likes to solve mysteries. That mostly included solving mysteries at school, which was no fun because nothing exciting ever happens.


It was a normal Tuesday morning and Alison was waiting at the bus stop with her best friend Michelle. They caught the bus together until they reached school. Since that Alison had gotten addicted to photography and detective work, the two weren’t the best of friends anymore. On Tuesday Michelle was wearing a black skirt and a bright pink top with sneakers. Alison was wearing her normal, a tight black tee that looked like it was stuck on her, a black leather jacket, tight black pants and high boots that went way past her knees.


Somehow Michelle had found herself into the cool girls clique with Sienna and Amy and Lucy and Alison was left alone. She didn’t mind it but she much prefered Michelle’s company. The bell went for class and they lined up in front their classroom and waited for Mrs Wilson to arrive. But Alison wasn’t lining up waiting for Mrs Wilson to come. In fact she was following a bush turkey around hoping that it would lead her somewhere. But it didn’t. Then she spotted Mrs Wilson coming out of the teachers parking lot holding a stack of boxes. Alison went to investigate.


Mrs Wilson stroded into the staffroom and Alison peered through the window. She watched Mrs Wilson place the box down. The room was empty because the teacher had gone to teach classes and Mrs Wilson peered into one of the boxes. It was the bright blue box that she looked into. Mrs Wilson closed the lid of the box and opened the door and left to the classroom. Alison continued to follow her. Mrs Wilson walked fast to different classrooms and gave out some papers to the teachers.


Mrs Wilson then went to the cafeteria and got a large cup of coffee and a salad with a cheesecake on the side. To use the eating time wisely Alison decided to go through her notes.


Why Mrs N. Wilson is late?

Time: 8:02 am

Setting: In front of class 6W

Date: Jan 22 2017

Occupation: Teacher of a Year Six class

Late for class


Came out of a white Toyota Corolla at 8:16 am


Carried large boxes-one was blue-seemed heavy


Went to staffroom at 8:25am


Set down blue box, might be something precious? Or a class pet?? At 8:27 am


Went to cafeteria at 8:38 am


Ordered a cheesecake, salad and large cup of coffee at 8:41 am


Payed with cash


Finished eating at 9:03 am


Went to different classrooms and finished at 9:46 am


Went to classroom and arrived at classroom at 9:52 am


So did you find any clues? What could be in that box? Use your great imagination to think of an answer.

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