ashley jackson part2

Well, Ashley thought it was Aarik but it turned out to be her new neighbour who lived just around the corner. She had straight black hair and a fringe. She was standing next to a taller lady that looked like her mum. She was holding an envelope in her hand. The mother shoved it to Ashley and they walked off. Ashley just stood at the doorway, gaping.


Ashley opened the invite out of curiosity.


Dear the residents of 45 Beach RD,


Hello! I am your new neighbour. We have just moved in a week ago to 66 Beach RD and we would like you to join us down at the beach on the 8th of December down at Clearwater Beach at around 12-3pm. Bring your pets, children and some food with you! I hope that I see you there!


Kind regards,


Ms Emily Lin and her daughter Rebecca Lin and their cat, Snowy.


Ashley rushed to the kitchen and before she could speak, her mother began talking.


‘Ash, Aarik has just caught a cold and can’t come for tea today. So sorry!’ her mother said. Inside Ashley’s heart gave a leap and hooray as she smiled.


‘Mum, the new neighbour’s down the street gave me this invitation,’ Ash handed it to her mum and left.


The days passed quickly and it soon came 8th of December. Ashley wore a wavy, silky, aqua dress and silver thongs with a beautiful pink flower in her hair. Jenna had baked cupcakes was just as excited as Ashley to meet the new family.


Ash peddled down the hill while her parents tagged along behind her, walking. She saw balloons and banners and tables full of delicious foods. Her breath quickened as she smelt the sausages on the barbie and the cinnamon rolls on the tables.


Ashley saw Ms Lin and Rebecca standing, talking to Aarik’s mother. She parked her bike by the tree and raced down to the sand. She could feel the soft sand between her toes and she reached the waters edge. The cooling water splashed against her legs and pulled her closer.


She had brought a bag of her scuba diving gear and snorkels. After a while of staring into the ocean, she saw Rebecca walk towards her. Ashley didn’t realise that she had changed into her scuba gear. She looked back and saw her parents talking to Ms Lin back at the beach. Ashley wondered why her parents never let her dive along. She was good enough because she had grown up at the sea.


Ashley was about to dive into the calming water when, before she plunged, a hand pulled her back. She went to look at who it was and to her surprise it was Rebecca.


Rebecca was in tears and let go of Ashley’s hand and ran, sobbing back to her mother.

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