ashley jackson

Ashley Jackson woke up with the sun beaming in her eyes. She groaned and rolled off bed. It was the first day of the holidays and Aarik Hughes, her mysterious neighbour was coming round for tea.


Ashley quickly got ready and ate her toast in record time so she could take her bike down the hill to the Clearwater Beach before Aarik arrives. She shouted bye to her busy parents and sped down the giant hill, her brown hair blowing backwards as Ashley felt the cool wind hitting her hair.


As she reached the bottom, she halted to a stop and laid out her beach towel and stood up her umbrella. Her mother, Jenna, had promised to come down so they could snorkel after she had done the dishes. After a while in the sun, Ashley heard her mother calling. Both of them had their gear on and were ready to go diving for abalones.


They reached the edge of the freezing water, but they were used to it, Jenna pulled down her snorkels and gave Ashley a thumbs up. Then both of them dived gracefully into the water. Both swam to the coral reef where the abalones grew, and began to carefully pick them out and put them in the bag that they had brought along with them.


After a while they headed back to the surface for a breath. No matter how many times Ashley asked if she could snorkel alone, the answer was always no.


‘Good catch this time,’ her mother said, holding her bag of overflowing abalones. Ashley smiled as she slumped down onto the deckchair near by to rest. She saw her mother bicycle up the hill from the corner of her eye and followed after her.


They both reached the home in less than fifteen minutes and burst through the door. Before she could put her stuff down, there was a knock on the door. She curiously answered it. It was Aarik Hughes.

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