Ash’s Tale – Part 1


Ash’s Tale

By Jolina <3

I missed the summer. I missed the cool breeze in my hair. I missed going to the beach with my friends. I missed the summer holidays. Right now, all that’s on my mind is the final exams coming up. I sat in my room quietly, procrastinating as usual. I had always thought my house was haunted. There always strange scratchy sounds coming from the attic above my bedroom but I always shrugged them off.

I was sitting in bed trying to fall asleep when I heard someone’s footsteps in the attic. I could never get a good nights sleep because of it. So I had my last straw. I stomped up into the attic to take a look, there was nothing suspicious there. Just a bunch of old photos that had fallen from a box. I picked them up and started tidying the old Polaroid photos. One picture caught my eye. It looked like my grandma, and in the back, there was a man. I couldn’t see his body but his eyes were white. White, with no pupils or anything. Suddenly, the attic window blew open and someone whispered….

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