Canada’s Hunting of Seals

Canada is one of the nations biggest hunters for seals. They kill them to make sealskin coats and to earn money. What humanity has become in the past decade is absolutely shocking. People no longer care about the environment like trees, plants, animals but care more about their power and how much wealth they have. Earth depends on us to take care of the beautiful environment around us. And what do we do? We kill it. 

Here is a picture of a seal hunter walking along the tracks of blood 

Do you see why I hate this? People like them are hunting baby seals like that they are nothing. Not only are baby seals helpless but we leave them to die. Now here you may think that it’s a fast and not painful death, but seal hunters mostly shoot from boats or beat them up in person. If they are shot from boats then they may miss and often will leave them to die slowly and painfully. 

This makes me mad. It’s devasting seeing how heartless some people are in this world. You can make a difference: and urge Canada to end its hunt of baby seals 

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