My Disaster of a Diary Entry – pt 1

My Disaster of a Diary Entry


A recipe for disaster

You will need:

  • a popular girl
  • some tEA siS (aka some drama)
  • And someone to spread the rumours
  • A bowl + mixing spoon (and maybe some spice)


  1. Start by adding in the popular girl into the bowl
  2. Then mix in some drama with a spoon
  3. Then pour the mixture into someone’s hands
  4. Sprinkle in a bit of spice
  5. Bake for about 3 minutes
  6. Get someone to give out your handmade disasters to everyone in middle school! 🙂


And why would this be a complete catastrophe? Because everyone lovin’ this “popular” girl will completely gang up on you. Meaning, the whole school will kill you before you can say “holy chicken nuggets!” And now, my dear readers, you may be wondering how I knew this? It all started when I moved to rural area somewhat in the middle of nowhere….


My new school, St Wilbur’s Middle School, was a rather odd middle school with hardly any students and hardly any teachers as barely anyone lived in this area. My mom and I had recently moved here after a intense amount of crying, pizza and sleep. Why? Because my mom, being my mom, was very upset over a breakup with the guy she thought was “the one”. She thought that if we took some time out in the country would calm us down and see the solution with a optimistic eye! Well… she was wrong. St Wilbur’s is a total wreck! The people around here talk in some slang that no one can understand and they’ve all got big scary dogs with sharp teeth and claws that could swallow you whole.


Now that my mom is happy, she decided to completely move here as the country is supposedly “relaxing” and “soothing”. My new middle school was just like every other school in the city. They had the different cliques and the “popular” girls, Jenna and Charlotte. The two queen bees who ran our school like a fashion show. And of course, there’s the jocks and the nerds. But the one thing that’s different at my new school from your typical high school was that we’ve got a super creepy hallway that leads to the science labs and the lights flicker on and off, there are scary noises and the voice of the janitor that had died there…


Who is this janitor? Well, according to my best friend Sienna, he has been working at this school for over 30 years but one day, he was cleaning up a mess in the cafeteria hall near midnight. On his way out, he heard a door creak so he went to shut it, thinking it was a teacher’s staffroom door or something. The school cameras (which don’t even work properly and the principal only got them because he wanted to keep an eye out for the naughty students near the detention room) showed him going into the science lab checking if anyone was inside, then the door slammed shut and the camera went fuzzy. He didn’t come to work the next day or the next year. He never came back… The teachers said that he must’ve suddenly dropped out because NO ONE wants to clean up after a bunch of stuck up students.

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