Dork Diaries Book Review

Dork Diaries is a series of fictional books written by Rachel Renee Russell. It’s about a teenage girl called Nikki who lives in a rather crazy family and attends high school. But there she meets her BFFs, her crush and mean girl Mackenzie who always tries to make Nikki’s life horrible.

Nikki has to choose hard decisions and goes through a rather difficult love life during her time in high school. The series is called Dork Diaries because it is a diary entry from Nikki’s point of view. She considers herself a dork or a social-outcast and confides all of her secrets in her diary, which changes every book.

In one book, Mackenzie gets her hands on Nikki’s diary and spreads mean rumours about her, plus hacking into Nikki’s own website and almost getting her expelled! It’s a very relatable book that I love reading.

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