Mean Girls-Jolina-part4

‘Okay, so what day is everyone free on?’ Leah asked.

‘Everyday,’ Imogen said.

‘Same,’ Theresa added.

‘Everyday except Saturday,’ Harrison said.

‘I can do Monday, Friday and Saturday,’ David says.

‘I can do every single day except Wednesday, I have piano,’ William said.

‘So can everyone do Thursday?’ Leah asked.

They look at each other and nod.

‘Cool,’ Leah says and opens up a pink glittery notebook and writes it down.

‘How about after school at the library?’ Leah continue

‘Yeah, cool, we’ll ask our parents,’ Imogen said.

Then Leah glared at Imogen. ‘Who made you the boss?’ Leah asked angrily.

‘Just because you’re the captain, doesn’t mean you’re the boss either!’ Imogen said.

Leah crossed her arms and walked off to Ms Giblin. Then she stomped out the door.

Imogen and Theresa exchanged worried looks. She might be doing something like setting a trap. Leah’s done that before. What could they do? So Imogen went to ask if she and Theresa could go to the bathroom.

They left the room but Leah wasn’t there in the bag area. So they left the room and went to the bathroom. She was there, crying at the sink. Theresa and Imogen looked at each other in worry. Suddenly Leah stopped crying and looked at them, then she ran away. Imogen and Theresa heard her running away and drying her tears.

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