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How to make crunchy slime


You will need

Sticky slime (last post)

Beads (same type)


So first the get your slime and play with it until you’re ready and your beads in one container and slowly dip your slime in. You’ll be surprised about how much beads a little bit of slime can take! Then stretch it out and hear the crunch!


Pranks to play on your friends (do this at your own risk, guys)


A perfect circle

It’s next to impossible to draw a perfect circle freehand. Or is it? Place your fifth knuckle in the middle of the paper. Then, without moving your hand, use the other hand to spin or turn the paper around til you reached the start.


Getting a note from under a plastic bottle

Place your money note on a flat surface and place the plastic bottle on top in the center of the note. Then challenge one of your friends to take the money from under the bottle without touching the actual bottle, and yes, they can touch the note. You will find that if you move the note slowly, the bottle goes and stays on top with it. If you do it fast, the bottle falls over, and that can’t happen. So actually roll up one side of the money and push it against the bottle, the bottle should be pushed off the money without falling over. If you are doing this outside, be careful of the wind.


An oreo packet

So ask a friend or two to help you guard your lunchbox. Say that you have something really yummy today and tell them to try a few of your oreos. Like, who doesn’t like oreos guys? At the back of the packet, ask an adult to cut a small cut using an exacto knife. Then take out a few oreos and scrape the filling off. (make sure you have original flavoured). Then get some Elmers Glue and replace it. And don’t worry, Elmers Glue is completely edible if only they eat a little amount. Slip the oreos back in and dot some super glue on the back and get ready to prank your friends. (do this at your own risk)

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