product review: fila disruptors

product name: Fila Disruptors

Fila Disruptors are a trendy pair of sneakers for women and a few days ago, I finally decided to buy them. My first impression was that they were chunky and felt really comfortable. I love the look and aesthetic of this pair of shoes. As I began wearing them more often, they were really comfortable and didn’t tire my feet out when I wore them.

On the downside, they do get dirty easily but that is easily fixed with a bit of maintenance and scrubbing. These shoes go with basically any outfit I have in my closest and is now my go-to shoe. Not to mention, they make me look a bit taller than I am, which I love.

I would 100% recommend Fila Disruptors to anyone of any age who are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that you can easily slip onImage result for fila disruptor

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