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Disappearing Page

For this prank to work, you will need to get to class early. Take out your friend’s workbook and use the double sided tape to tape the pages together. Make sure that you do this on the right page and that they don’t catch you doing it.


Edible notebook

You will need a few sheet of edible paper which is sold at cake decorating shops, twizzlers, hole puncher and edible marker. First take out your paper and mark out the halfway point by folding. Use a pair of scissors to cut out some edible paper until you’re happy with the amount. Then take your hole punch and punch out a line of holes across the paper, make sure that the paper is aligned. Next, take one strand off the twizzler and break it into small pieces. Then loop one twizzler in each hole punched hole and squeeze the ends together. Use your edible marker and write whatever you want to write inside. You can give an edible marker to your friend and write secret messages and eat the evidence. Pretty cool, right?

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