The Perfect French Project

(Please note this article has French)

Adelle Bonne was not expecting school to be over so early. She had no choice but to leave school with her best friends Aiglentina De Grace and Aceline Sequin. Should we go to the mall and shop for new robes?Asked Aceline curiously. She was so interested in her mothers new store, Sequins For Me that it was all she talked about. I wanted to go home and work on our imaginary person project,said Adelle quietly. We have to hand it in next week.Aiglentina nodded. I guess so,Aceline said glumly.

Hello dear, did you have a good day at l’école?Asked Mrs Bonne. Yes maman,replied Adelle. Oh, Aiglentina and Aceline, I was not expecting you to be here,said Mrs Bonne shocked. Salut Mrs Bonne, me and Aiglentina are here to work on the imaginary person project at your maison,said Aceline. Oh of coarse, please start working anytime you want,replied Mrs Bonne. And Adelle get changed out of your dirty vêtements pour l’école please.” “Yes maman,replied Adelle, walking up the silver escaliers of her big maison she pasted a strange little porte en chêne brun that was always there. Her bedroom was at the second turn of the long couloirs sombres.

Salut papa,chirped Adelle cheerfully as she continued her way to her room. Salut mon précieux bijou,replied her dad while still vacuuming the brillant tapis rouge et or. At the second turn her grandma stood in front of her room knitting cordes colorées de laine. Bonjour grandmère,waved Adelle. Bonjour mon cher,replied grandma. Adelles door was a porte en chêne rose avec des banderoles dargent pend. Her bedroom was tidy and pink. She got changed into a pink silky t-shirt and blue shorts. As she stomped back down the stairs she smelled a delicious cinnamon favour that filled her narines with glee, she wondered if it could that delicious cinnamon roll her mom baked last week. But non instead it was a bizarre looking cupcake. It was frosted with cinnamon icing and a poisson head stuck out of the frosting. It looked ridicule. Maman what is that?Asked Adelle holding her nose from the smell of the poisson head. Its your mamans new cupcake creation,said Aiglentina, chewing on a bit of poisson head.

Got to go papa and maman!Shouted Adelle as she grabbed her pink sac à dos and ran out the porte. She ran past the boutiques, la fontaine and la bibliothèque. Im here,she said. But there was no one in the parc. Adelle didnt find that surprising because sometimes the parc closes down for repairs. She raced back home.

The kitchen porte grinça ouverte. Salut my dear,said her papa. Salut papa,answered Adelle glumly. Whats the matter? A fish stuck in your head?Joked Benjamin, he was the youngest of the family. Smaller than Paris, she was in year younger than Adelle, 2. No,replied Adelle crossly. She plopped herself onto the confortable salon coloré Nutbrown. Grandma stroked her wavy, light chestnut hair that was tied in a two pig tails. Pariss hair was up to her knee and was braided in two. She was holding a small golden bell with a key tied to it. She walked up the sliver escaliers and disappeared. Adelle noticed the small door. She followed her up and disappeared too!

When she got to her feet she saw a beautiful castle. Wow!She exclaimed. She was wearing a beautiful pink sparkly gown. It was decorated with silk and sparkly gems. Adelle was holding a pink umbrella with a cherry blossom tree printed as the image. She also found herself holding a pink silky paper fan decorated with real cherry blossoms and some silver diamonds. A silver tiara slipped down her face. A gem so bright hurted her eyes. As she pushed it up she saw herself standing outside the grey castle that supposed to be in the distance but now it was in front of her. Strange she thought.

As she walked from corridor to corridor she felt more scared. Suddenly a shadow on the wall made Adelle feel more scared.

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