the visit to China – Part I

Lauren had buckled her seatbelt on the plane and smiled at her best friend Stella. They were going to China as a start of Year 10 trip and also to learn more about Chinese tradition. Lauren and Stella were known throughout the school as the popular girls and the dream team. Lauren’s family was considered the average family but Stella’s father was the mayor of Heartlake City and Stella had turned sixteen a month ago and she got a new, shiny, red, convertible BMW. Stella was on her red P.


The two boys in their year that sat behind them were the video gamers. One was called Aarik and the other Ian. Both boys had been kicking Lauren and Stella’s seat all through flight. In front of them sat their other besties, Tiffany and Abby, and on the isle next to them Sienna and Jenna and behind the video gamers, Cathy and Amy. In front of Tiffany and Abby was Alice and Soyun.


Tiffany was a tall Indonesian girl with long black hair. She was bossy and kind if you get to know her. Abby was Australian and had short blonde hair. She was a great leader and a friend to all. Sienna was Korean, like Soyun, they both had light brown hair and both were addicted to K-Pop. Jenna was Japanese and extremely crafty, she loved slime, like Alice, who was Chinese and humourous. Amy was also Chinese and she was the clever one out of the group. Cathy was tall and Chinese, she loved Harry Potter, especially the Death Eaters.

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